• Line of Credit or Loan?

For most businesses we work with, one of two lending approaches will meet their needs:

Working capital line. This program is a revolving line of credit with advances tied to your company's assets, most often your accounts receivable and inventory. For working capital lines, you submit a report of your accounts receivable and inventory (if applicable). We make advances to you based on that report. You repay the advances by means of collections from your customers. You would draw against your line as needed.

Installment or term loan. We look to the appraised value of the assets (usually longer-lived assets such as machinery, equipment or real estate) and structure our loans with flexible amortizations to allow for some breathing room from a cash flow standpoint.

Other options. Of course, maybe your situation isn't so straightforward or doesn't fit either category above. We can structure advances differently, because we know that each company and each lending arrangement is unique.

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