• Advantages To You and Your Customers

Advantages to you:
  1. When prospecting a new customer, credit is usually the number one product to sell. But what happens when you're prospecting and the company isn't quite credit-worthy? Remember Puritan when prospecting; if your potential customer doesn't meet the bank's lending criteria, we may be able to make the loan and the bank can win the lucrative treasury management and other ancillary business. When the borrower is ready, he or she can then “graduate” to bank financing.
  2. When you want to exit an existing customer relationship that no longer fits the bank's criteria, remember Puritan. We make the loans that banks often cannot, and let you keep the non-credit business of your customer.
  3. Puritan can be your asset-based back office. We selectively monitor loans for our bank counterparts on a fee basis. This allows you to outsource the day-to-day handling of a loan that requires the attention of an asset-based lender, yet keep the loan in house. We monitor the quality of the assets, and your collateral position is protected.
Advantages to your customers:
  1. Puritan is a patient partner who can provide capital when it is needed most.
  2. Establishing a new relationship with your bank.
  3. Maintaining their existing relationship with your bank (operating accounts, lockbox, payroll accounts, etc.).
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