• We're Your Partner

We're not a bank. We don't offer the myriad business banking services your customers need from you on a daily basis. We do one thing, provide credit facilities when your bank can't. So we're there to enhance the relationship between you and your customer.

We help your customers when you can't. Let's face it. Between the mountain of regulations on the banking industry and your own bank's lending policies, your hands are often tied when it comes to writing loans. We don't face the same restrictions you do. And because we emphasize collateral, we can get comfortable with transactions a bank can't. Sure, we consider cash flow, but we're more tolerant to ups and downs in your customers' business cycles–and more able to lend them money.

We help you keep your customers. Sometimes even your best customers hit a temporary bad patch... or have a great opportunity that requires significant immediate expansion. In either case, they need a loan that you may not be able to make. If you offer them a referral to us instead of a flat refusal, you've still solved their problem. You've helped them get a loan. Meanwhile, they continue their business banking relationship with you, as we help them improve their creditworthiness. Ultimately, they'll reach a point that they can return to you for financing.

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