• Advantages To You and Your Clients

Advantages to you:

  1. Puritan gives you the ability to provide more service to your clients by offering lending solutions beyond traditional banks.
  2. We can help you help your clients through hard times as well as good times, strengthening your relationships.
  3. By having more financing options in your arsenal of solutions for clients, you broaden your appeal with your referral sources. You're seen as someone who gets loans done.
Advantages to your client:
  1. Puritan is a patient partner. We can provide capital when it is needed most, making properly structured loans to good companies that either may have suffered from a temporary setback or may need assistance getting to the next level.
  2. We can replace their existing financing or work with their other lenders to enhance it. We often partner with banks, helping them help their customers when they can't.
  3. There are no hidden fees, no last minute surprises. Everything is explained prior to closing. This is how we do business, with respect and integrity.

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