• We Help You Help Your Clients

As a trusted advisor to your clients, you need to be there for them through thick and thin. Sometimes even your best customers hit a temporary bad patch... or have a great opportunity that requires significant and immediate expansion. When an under-capitalized client needs funding and doesn't meet conventional bank lending requirements, we can provide the asset-based funding solution he or she needs.

We can help, even when banks can't. Let's face it. Between the mountain of regulations on the banking industry and banks' own lending policies, their hands are often tied when it comes to writing loans. We don't face the same restrictions banks do. And because we emphasize collateral, we can get comfortable with transactions a bank can't. We're more tolerant to ups and downs in your clients' business cycles and more able to lend them money.

We can serve either as an adjunct or an alternative to your client's present banking relationship. As an experienced and well-known independent commercial lender, Puritan can often make a loan even more attractive to your client by developing bank participations.

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