Our Beginnings.
Founded in 1958 by current Chairman Lawrence A. Sherman, Puritan Finance Corporation started out as an independent consumer finance and chattel mortgage finance company. The transition to commercial finance began in 1963, with the acceptance of the UCC laws by the state of Illinois. Puritan moved into asset-based lending, remaining a non-bank affiliated lender.

Our Name.
The name Puritan reflects the influences of Sherman's tenure in Pennsylvania while earning his MBA at the Wharton School of Business. It embodies simple, straightforward honesty and the Puritan work ethic–the drive to succeed through hard work and perseverance. As a lender, we strive for that same approach to work and life–and we look for that kind of drive in the businesses we assist.

Our Credo.
Assisting businesses to meet their capital needs is what Puritan is all about. Throughout its more than 50 year history, Puritan has been highly respected for its integrity and as a creative financing resource. We focus on finding ways to get the deal done; to helping other businesses when help is needed most.

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