Who We Are.
Puritan Finance Corporation has a rich history as a non-bank affiliated commercial finance company. Founded in 1958, Puritan is one of the few remaining independent asset-based lenders in the nation. As such, we serve a unique role in the marketplace.

What We Do.
We provide creative financing for businesses and entrepreneurs. We also provide a resource for bankers and other small business professionals, helping them help their customers when the bank either can't or won't provide them with financing.

Our lending philosophy can be summed up as follows: we go beyond conventional lending to make properly structured loans to good companies with good management, that either may have suffered from a temporary setback or may need assistance getting to the next level.

Who We Help.
We assist established, emerging or expanding companies by providing financing that conventional lending sources won't.

We also provide credit to companies recovering from periods of loss, tightened cash flow or negative external forces.

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